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2020 Goals T-Shirt

$25.00 USD

10% of proceeds for the sale of the EXECUTE 2020 Tee-Shirt are being donated to the Feeding America Foundation.

Will this be THE YEAR you finally act on your goals, taking them from dream to reality?

If you answered yes, then let's do this!

See, 99% of the world dreams about their goals; it's only the 1% that get up and chase them!

What's stopping you? Become The 1%!


We can think of no better way to welcome you to the 1% than to send you a 2020 Execute Tee Shirt!

If you want to join the 1% club, start by becoming a part of this #EXECUTE movement!

That's what this tee shirt represents! It's your superhero execution cape!

It's not the shirt that will keep you accountable; it's a reminder to you and others to stay true to the grind!

You're not a talker; you #EXECUTE

By joining the 1% club and becoming a member of the #EXECUTE movement, you join thousands of other doers from around the world who, like you,  are on a mission to make this year the year of making dreams come true!
Welcome to 2020!  Welcome to the 1%!

*The 2020 EXECUTE shirt is a pre-order. Please allow for shipping windows of 2-3 weeks to accommodate COVID19 related delays.

With every 2020 EXECUTE Tee-shirt purchase, you’re helping us help others. In these trying times, we’ve partnered with The Feeding America Foundation, to support seven Feeding America Foodbanks in the greater Lansing, MI area by donating 10% of our total shirt sales in support of this goal.  Thank you for your support.